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The Norwegian tourist board would like to introduce TO Norway, an application that is part of the training project NORWAY EXPERT. TO Norway helps you to identify the information you need to arrange a tourist trip to Norway. Through a number of short training videos, you will learn everything you need to know about the country. Apart from becoming an expert, you have the chance of winning one of three trips to Norway.

The 10 videos are around one and a half minute long each and offer useful information about Norway. Learn about the most important regions for tourism and prove that you are a NORWAY EXPERT To make it more fun, we challenge you to compete both against time and against the other participants.

When you have watched the videos, you will complete 10 challenges with five simple questions. To make it easier to participate, there are two ways to perform the challenges. Use test mode to practise and get the skills you need to respond quickly, without affecting your final score. By playing the game, you become a NORWAY EXPERT and compete to achieve a place in the global ranking. If you finish in the top three, you can win one of three trips to Norway.

In addition to the chance of winning a trip, you will get to know Norway through text and images.

Have fun and show off your knowledge about Norway!

If you want to play on your iPhone or iPad, please go to the App Store and download the application called To Norway:

For Android, download the app from Google Play

Play anytime, anywhere